Why I’m Not Watching The GRAMMYS

First things first, I LOVE the GRAMMYS. Even when I have felt snubbed by the committie’s choice to snub an artist I felt deserved to be nominated or to have won, I still love it. I still watch every year. It’s truly is music’s biggest night and for me as an independent artist, it’s my superbowl. I have dreams of going, and having my name called to walk up there and accept an award.

Tonight I’m not watching it though.

My abstinence this year is not out of protest or boycott. I actually want to watch this year as some really great artists who I feel are very deserving are nominated to win in categories that are unprecedented. I would love to witness the moment that they accept their award and celebrate with them, or share their anguish at another perceived snub. But the real reason I wont be tuning in tonight is…

I don’t need to.

There used to be a time where, if you missed watching it live, you just simply missed it. In our “Instant, On-Demand” world we never actually miss a moment thanks to Twitter, Google, and YouTube. Thanks to these platforms, I don’t actually have to be there for those moments. I can simply relive them tomorrow and be fully caught up. I’ve always realized this but, fear of missing out (FOMO) has been a thing I have struggled with. Being the last in the know has seemed like the worst thing imaginable until recently. I am finding that being slightly out of the loop, and not knowing what is going on with everyone at all times to be somewhat freeing.

We can get so caught up in always being updated on EVERYTHING that is going on that we can lose ourselves, as well as the connection to the people and things that really matter.

The other reason I’m not watching is more significant. I’m not watching out of sacrifice. Yesterday was the first Saturday that I woke up at 4:45AM and made it to the kitchen table at 5 to spend the first few hours of the morning Praying, journaling, writing, and reading. Five hours flew by and I accomplished so much and still had so much of the day to plan, prepare, and relax for the week ahead. It felt amazing to have gotten so much done, and also to start my day off taking time for myself, and creative projects that were important to me that I decided this is how I want to start EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This lead me to imagine a life where I can develop spiritually, intellectually, and creatively at each day even within the margins of a very constrained, intense work week.

That life comes at a cost though.

That cost is going to bed early enough to actually be able to wake up and work at 5am. For me, that is somewhere around 7:30–8:45pm. It takes a little energy and effort to be consistent in doing this, but I think more about how I’ve set a goal to write 15 songs this year and 100 songs before I decide the next chapter of my career. I think about how I want to read at least 30 books this year. every book on my Amazon wish list and so many more. I think about how much better my days are when I start them out taking time to pray, reflect on my goals/aspirations and journal. Experiencing just one day of getting to do this has made me realize that it’s worth it. Giving up whatever I have to for that time in the morning is worth it because I’m investing in the person that I want to be.

The artists I would be watching tonight at some point made a commitment to invest in themselves and their craft on a daily basis. Tonight they will be reaping the rewards of that commitment. Tonight reminds me that you can prepare/invest/sacrifice to reach greatness or watch others who have. I’m not saying that if you watch the GRAMMYS you can’t be great, it’s just for me there are things I love to do that I’m sacrificing for things I love more, and also I’m not really giving up anything, just delaying gratification, which is a practice we all can benefit from.

How do you invest in yourself to become better? Do you have any tips/tricks to share? Leave them in the comments below. Also if you liked the article, tap the applause button so Medium can show more folks!

Have a great week!

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