The Divorce Every Creative Must Embrace

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

Recently an experience reminded of a very valuable lesson in creativity. It’s something I had known conceptually, but this experienced allowed me to see it in a multi-dimensional array of it’s application and meaning.


Why Black Panther Matters

It’s so much more than a movie

I’ve been looking forward to Friday, February 16th for at least 18 months. It was around 18 months ago I learned that Marvel would bring Black Panther to the big screen. For those…


Why I’m Not Watching The GRAMMYS

First things first, I LOVE the GRAMMYS. Even when I have felt snubbed by the committie’s choice to snub an artist I felt deserved to be nominated or to have won, I still love it. I still watch every year…


Failing Is Not Just For Failures

Photo By Caroline Hernandez

“He said: failing is not just for failures

It’s for everyone, failures just have more experience”

This is one of my favorite lyrics from a song “Failing Is Not Just For Failures” by a band…

The 1 Thing Worse Than A Missed Shot

Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

I've heard it said that "we don't get to become what we're supposed to because we give up too soon."  I've always believed that to be true, but I'm now as I…


An Expert’s Guide To The Friend Zone & How To Avoid It

February is known first for Valentine’s Day, and second for the other lesser known, but widely understood holiday, “Friend Zone Day.” This day typically happens on or after February 15th, when you find out the person that you like doesn’t…